Friday, March 30, 2012

If stress burned calories, I'd be a supermodel.

Thank God it's finally Friday!
I've had so busy week that i don't believe it.
Today i had a 12 hour day, first school and then a rehearsal for tomorrows consert.

But i had a 45 minutes brake so i ran to the city to shop some gifts and something for me.

Here are some photos from my yesterday and this day;

I had to buy a Jet Set wach! 
i love it ...

And yesterday i went to the Sibelius Hall to listen a violin consert played by Vivianna Hager.

I had so much fun, the consert was amazing and it was the perfect way to realx in the middle of the week.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Dear Beethoven, wish you could hear you.

 today i was listening to the orchestra which i play in
 but i couldn't play yet
 because my hand hurt still a lot and playing kills my hands. 
That pain...
 But when i came home i was so angry that i just had to play! 
So i took my double bass, turned it so i could listen to the music that i play without getting my ears hurt. 
And i played, i played so much and with such a passion that you just should had heard it. 
My mom heard it, and she came behind the door just to listen me. 
It felt good to play finally after a long break.
But my hand hurts, alot.

it's a fact.

I just laughed so much when i read this, 
it's so true! 

I remember when i was so so so little and listened to the songs on wlatdisneymovies and i sang and danced around the house and played a princess.

And then some pics from my morning;


My back and arms aren't the only things i've broken already! Look at my middle finger, the skin is peeling of because playing too much pizzicato. 

Sweet dreams! 
Next time i will write about something more interesting for you, i know that these things aren't so interedting for all but vi ses till nästa gång!

Monday, March 26, 2012

Art is eternal, even if it is not always beautiful.

 I know i promised to add some art pics 
but firts here's a one pic of me at this morning. 
And the art works are all made by me ,
 they are not new but i will add my new works maybe later.

I love drawing roses, some people says that i can draw only roses but now i have made a rose cover just by needle felting, you like ? 

theese i made a few years ago, we had to make our nose and lips. 
it's as some would say "a glazed pottery"

And this old thing i just had to put here, 
i made it at 2009 and i remember that it is a greeg god. 
i wasn't so good at charcoal then. 

This one is old also but one of my fave ones.
I made it only for 3 hours just by wax crayons.
And if you really know me, you can find my name in it.

This old thing is just somethingg silly, we had to design a tattoo.
I think no one would like a tattoo like this, but i still had to add it in here.

 the Winter

I have to admit that this one is the one painting i wouldn't sell for any price.
i made it maybe 3 years ago.
It's not so marvelous but it's important to me.
Finnish winter. 

 One day i wanna do something like this,
but i won't use a computer for it like this artist did.

And for the end a one pic that has all my feeling right now into; 

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Time Is Very Relative Attribute

 Who doesn't hate Sunday, everybody! 
On Sunday we get all depressed cuz tomorrows gonna be Monday,
the worst day of the week. 
Sunday is spoiled by Monday.
But there's a little Sunday rose for all of ya!

    I didn't have the feeling that i'd like to make up, so i took false lashes and nobody noticed.
                              Putting them on took only 2 minutes, 2,95 € Seppälä

                   Not more pics from today ,
                                  tomorrow i will post more pics from art.

                                                          My motto ;)

Dreams are our escape from reality, so dream!

       Right now it's almost 5 am and i'm awake. I wish you could show me some dreams...


                                                    I told you that I am a double bassist.
                                     This is my nr. 1 fave pic of anonymous double bassist.

                       In this picture you can have the main reason why i'm still awake,
                        alone at 5 am on a saturday morning.

                                      But before i go to sleep my sweet dreams,
                                 i wanna show you a few pics about my yesterday.

                                                    Like you can see it's not so snowy anymore.
                           I think the summer is finally starting to come here in Finland.
                                                 It's coming slowly but surely.

                                             My blue, retro Fjällräven känken backpack
                                                and my double bass spring on a buss stop.


                                                           sweet dreams!