Monday, March 26, 2012

Art is eternal, even if it is not always beautiful.

 I know i promised to add some art pics 
but firts here's a one pic of me at this morning. 
And the art works are all made by me ,
 they are not new but i will add my new works maybe later.

I love drawing roses, some people says that i can draw only roses but now i have made a rose cover just by needle felting, you like ? 

theese i made a few years ago, we had to make our nose and lips. 
it's as some would say "a glazed pottery"

And this old thing i just had to put here, 
i made it at 2009 and i remember that it is a greeg god. 
i wasn't so good at charcoal then. 

This one is old also but one of my fave ones.
I made it only for 3 hours just by wax crayons.
And if you really know me, you can find my name in it.

This old thing is just somethingg silly, we had to design a tattoo.
I think no one would like a tattoo like this, but i still had to add it in here.

 the Winter

I have to admit that this one is the one painting i wouldn't sell for any price.
i made it maybe 3 years ago.
It's not so marvelous but it's important to me.
Finnish winter. 

 One day i wanna do something like this,
but i won't use a computer for it like this artist did.

And for the end a one pic that has all my feeling right now into; 

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