Sunday, March 25, 2012

Dreams are our escape from reality, so dream!

       Right now it's almost 5 am and i'm awake. I wish you could show me some dreams...


                                                    I told you that I am a double bassist.
                                     This is my nr. 1 fave pic of anonymous double bassist.

                       In this picture you can have the main reason why i'm still awake,
                        alone at 5 am on a saturday morning.

                                      But before i go to sleep my sweet dreams,
                                 i wanna show you a few pics about my yesterday.

                                                    Like you can see it's not so snowy anymore.
                           I think the summer is finally starting to come here in Finland.
                                                 It's coming slowly but surely.

                                             My blue, retro Fjällräven känken backpack
                                                and my double bass spring on a buss stop.


                                                           sweet dreams!

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