Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Dear Beethoven, wish you could hear you.

 today i was listening to the orchestra which i play in
 but i couldn't play yet
 because my hand hurt still a lot and playing kills my hands. 
That pain...
 But when i came home i was so angry that i just had to play! 
So i took my double bass, turned it so i could listen to the music that i play without getting my ears hurt. 
And i played, i played so much and with such a passion that you just should had heard it. 
My mom heard it, and she came behind the door just to listen me. 
It felt good to play finally after a long break.
But my hand hurts, alot.

it's a fact.

I just laughed so much when i read this, 
it's so true! 

I remember when i was so so so little and listened to the songs on wlatdisneymovies and i sang and danced around the house and played a princess.

And then some pics from my morning;


My back and arms aren't the only things i've broken already! Look at my middle finger, the skin is peeling of because playing too much pizzicato. 

Sweet dreams! 
Next time i will write about something more interesting for you, i know that these things aren't so interedting for all but vi ses till nästa gång!

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