Saturday, May 12, 2012

Just Feel the Music And Fuck What They Are Saying

Now, all my readers you have to congratulate me!
Me and my band won a silver medal from fiddler musicians Finnish Championships today.
We are really good!
And i'm so happy!
No matter what people think about me.
I'm a real musican, i have conserts, i do what i want, i'm freaking good in it what i do, all the schools'd want me to study in their school. 
And the fact is that all the shit talkers talk just cuz they are jealous. 
 So maybe i should just give you more something to talk in your small little circles.

At Monday i will get a grade point from visual basic education.
And when i have that certificate i get almost six months out of my next schools education.


Nesaldintos means none sugar; 
But unlike that, i'm full of sugar! 

You are :
My sugar rush
My cocaine bliss 
My illegal high
My perfect kiss.
 That's what i am...

Enjoy this moment,
for this moment 
is your life.

Tomorrow is the Mothersday so remember to tell your Mama how much you love them! 
I love my äiti more than anybody can even think about!

So this is for you my dear mama.

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