Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Nothing, just chilling, killing and being lovable.

I'm the kind of person who you either love or hate, but nothing between.

Sometimes it's frustrating, but usally it gives more then takes.

I've been in a few auditions during these past two days. 
And i have to say that it feels awesome when professional people who are the best in what they do, compliment you and literatully loves you!

I applied to this one musical school where many of my firends has been applying many times and haven't got into. I went there just thinking that damn, i have to try if i get it. And i was the first one trying and i sung and played the double bass. They just fell in love with me. That made me understand that mayde i must really be good in this thing what i do, wow. 

 There are so many places we have not yet seen.
So many people still to meet.

 Like a boss.

 Today i applied to a creative designer. 
And i had to make something before the auditions, so i made a purse.
Where i designed my own print.
They liked my purse very much.

 But the auditions lasted for 7 hours. It felt like hell. And during that 7 hours i realized that that school's not for me. All the ppl we're aweseome, but the teachers and the work that i'd have to do. And after that school i'd be a hobo without a work cuz all the designing and sowing is made in India nowadays, so that's not for me.

 I tell myself that every day is a gift wrapped in tears and laughter.

Tonight we had a consert again and it felt good singing, 
it hasn't felt this good in a long long time. 

But now i have to start to train to Thursdays classical consert and for Saturdays Finnish Championship, music competition. Wish me luck!

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