Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Everyday I Hope That Tomorrow Would Come Even Little Bit Faster

 These pictures are from last weekend.
I had two Easter conserts on Saturday.
It was so much fun playing easy songs for a few hours.

 I have a habit of naming all the things i like.
So ofcourse i've named all the double basses i play.
This one i call Markku.

 After all well played concerts the musicians get flowers.
After that concert i got this beautiful yellow rose as a thank you.

My friend Milla came to listen the second concert. 
It's funny how everybody thinks we are sisters.
 Do we look the same or what?

It was Saturday so we went out eating at Memphis.
It's our favourite restaurant.
You can get the best sandwiches there.

Now for the end i have to post some sk8 pictures.
I'm expecting the summer so much! 
I just want to dig my sk8 board, go out and get a good asphalt skin rash!

As everybody knows sk8 ain't always so nice,
 for example i've broken my coccyx three times.
If i have to sit more than one hour on one place, it hurts as hell!

Before next summer i wanna buy a brand new long board!
Maybe pink. 
I have already 2 longboards, 1 cruiser and 3 norm. boards.

 And here in the end is a video.
It's my fave sk8 boarder Axel Cruysbergh.
I've seen him every year.
He's really young but really talented!
I saw him sk8 first time when he was only 9 i think.
So talented!

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