Thursday, April 12, 2012

Helsinki Helsinki

Today i was in Helsinki.
I travelled to museums with my friend Aada.
It was nice, just little bit chill.
We went to Ateneum, Kiasma and Tennispalatsi.


And like everybody knows, it's not allowed to take photos inside of art museums.
But this one is taken from a child play ground inside the museum.
This painting is made by Carl Larsson.


Everybody needs nutrition.
So we went to coffee house for a ice cream cappuccino.


 You know the feeling when your hair looks just perfect in the morning,
but somehow it ends up looking like a fucking bird's nest when you arrive the place where you're going.

Every moment in life has the potential to be amazing.

So Helsinki, the capital of Finland.
If you have never been, you should go there!
Not just because the museums and good restaurants.
All the people are nice, but everybody has a hurry to somewhere.
One day i wanna know where are all the people going,
because of their hurry.

In Ateneum you can see Carl Larsson's works of art.
He's a swedish painter.
Really good, 
but maybe too swedish idyl for my taste.

In Kiasma there was comic and music art show.


And we went to Tennispalatsi,
where we took a look of old dolls and toy's.
It's was kinda fun and nostalg.

This barbie table foot ball was my fave one,
anybody willing to buy it to me?

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