Friday, April 6, 2012

This Easter

So i have to tell you that my Easter have never been like this.
This Easter many of my friends are having their birthday party.
But there's only one person who i'd like to be hugging and telling "Happy Birthday and ofcourse Easter too".
But unfortunately it's not possible so this Easter i'm gonna go to Nastola to my oldest childhood friend.
Maybe i'm gonna post some pictures later, let's see.

Because i'm thinking about some old memories and my friends who are turning years this weekend, i post some of these pictures.

Winnie The Pooh was the love of my life when i was 3 years old. 
Still i think he said all the wisdoms of life.

 a photo of me this morning.
I'm ready to go to Nastola! 
Vi ses till Söndag!

@ Wednesday

@ Thursday, i could call Thursdays a "Bad Hair Day"

Happy Easter to all!


  1. En malta oottaa että päästään taas vauhtiin! <3

  2. Sama juttu! Ihana päästä juhlimaan sua, pitkästä aikaa! Tai no pitkästä ja pitkästä... <3